Why you desperately need to place the most Creative people as Leaders

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Why you desperately need to place the most Creative people as Leaders

There are many people who are considered to be some of the best managers because of how they dwell within the confines of the expected norms and meet expectations. Spending much of their lives “defending and protecting” their beloved work-place from changes that would throw people out of their comfort zones, they can unknowingly be creating an environment that is actually stifling growth.

Creatives on the other hand tend to have the urge to challenge the status quo, often pushing for new limits to surpass the old. They usually tend to embrace the new, more advanced challenges and opportunities with a new and unique approach. And since vision is at the core of leadership, it should always be unique and well directed. The following are some of the key reasons why creative people tend to make some of the best leaders.

To accomplish vision, the culture must change.

Creative leaders possess an extraordinary curiosity about the world they’re trying to change. They choose to alter their perspectives in a way that would shape the perspectives of those around them. This in turn makes sure that they are in the commanding position without forcing change based on authority alone, rather sharing ideas as part of their active communication. This takes into account the teams’ adoptability quotient towards the culture. This also promotes creative thinking more readily and willingly because of the passive nature of recommendation, meaning people are more readily agreeable when they feel they have a say in how the vision is changing. Great leaders challenge the status quo early and often as well as bring others into the conversation.

The world’s most valuable assets are ideas.

Good leaders align team members by listening to their ideas, developing a common vision, committing to the vision, and making decisions based on that commitment. And then there are great leaders that tend to inspire people to come up with unique creative and out-of-the-box ideas that stray from the norm but are doable. Creative people keep the stream of ideas flowing clearly and consistently, maintaining communication, and fight the hardest among the team to ensure the mission and target is achieved as quickly as possible while inspiring the team through example to push their hardest.

There really is no ultimate universal equation for success.

Simply put, we often see success as a status that can be achieved with a certain set of secret mantras that have magical influence on the world somehow. While some believe it can be simply explained as the by-product of tirelessly fighting for the goal, creative people are often the unsung heroes behind the scenes. If you’re going to be successful, you’ll need an unrelenting drive towards your vision from deep within.

One of the best ways to find the more creative people of your team is to hold creative meetings and see who begins to stand out with innovative solutions during these meetings. Sometimes, new environments can also help bring creatives out of their shells a bit, so scheduling an off-site meeting could be more beneficial than simply just getting out of the office – you could find your next leader.

A great way to encourage creative thinking with, and potentially draw out more creative leaders already in your team, is to simply have a change in environment. You’d be surprised what even one day out of the office could do for your organization. If you’re interested in an offsite meeting space, contact us at Blue Ocean Facilities.