Design Principles

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Design Principles of an Off-Site Meeting Space

We’ve taken on the challenge of designing a creative off-site space which inspires your team to do great things. We’ve consulted designers, design architects, creativity researches, facilitators and meeting participants to create an optimal environment.

Each room is filled with design elements which help foster creativity, inspire participants and lead to better, more productive meetings. Ask us – we’re happy to explain how our furnishings, room décor, layout and other design elements all facilitate a better meeting. The following factors were identified that help promote and enhance inattentiveness.

People Think Differently in a Different Environment

Make off-site meeting rooms comfortable and inviting with a twist here and there to get them thinking.

Create an Open and Adaptable Space

Allow for a wide variety of configurations.

Provide Simple and Workable Amenities

Allow people to be unencumbered so they can focus on what needs to get done.

Foster a Collaborative Environment

Help promote collaboration, trust and idea laddering with closeness.

Integrate Design Elements That Enhance Inattentiveness

Leverage knowledge in creative theory to enhance environmental factors.

Blue Ocean Facilities’ design and interior by Anthony Zalants of Hanover House Interiors and Antiques, Ltd, Cincinnati, OH;