Combating Winter Office Blues

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Combating Winter Office Blues

Every year leaders are confronted with the challenge of maintaining office moral in the winter season. Millions struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder every year, the short daylight hours affect sleep habits, and leaders should be aware that they are not exempt from struggling with these issues as well.

So what can you do to help both your team and yourself? We’ve got a few tips for you:

1. Improve the lighting of the office – One of the easiest ways to combat the winter office blues is to ensure that the space is well-lit. Investing in proper lighting helps to reverse the lack of sunshine. It’s also worth looking into lights that emit UV rays to simulate sunshine for an extra boost.

2. Encourage healthy eating – Encouraging your team to eat healthier on a more regular basis is always helpful, but it can have a big effect on your team during the winter months. Healthy eating encourages healthy sleep habits and helps to ward off depression, both of which are crucial during winter months.

3. Promote community with winter activities – Many people experience bouts of loneliness in the winter seasons, so it’s a good idea to get people away from their desks and communicating with each other. Make your team hot chocolate and s’mores or have fun games that bring everyone together.

4. Get out of the office for a day – Sometimes the best remedy is to change the environment, and it always helps if the environment is unique and creative. End of year and beginning of year meetings are always important, so give them an extra edge and your team a respite from the typical office environment with an off-site meeting space.

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