New to the organization? Here are some ways to take the lead.

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New to the organization? Here are some ways to take the lead.

When starting a leadership role with a new organization, earning trust and learning to communicate with a new group of people can be a daunting task. What may have worked well at your previous position may not work with a new group of people, and it’s important to adapt quickly to your new environment. Instead of rushing to make everyone work around your system as soon as you step in, we recommend the following tactics to earn the trust and respect of your new team.


While this is one of the most obvious answers, we can’t stress it enough. You were hired because of your potential and good performance, but the processes you developed aren’t guaranteed to work in a different environment. You should be as adaptable as you expect your team to be as you move forward, and that requires asking questions about how things are currently done and developing a plan that is custom fit for the needs and goals.


It’s hard to expect your team to begin trusting you if you are emotionally distant. Talk to them about who you are and make yourself accessible as a person so they can relate to you as someone that isn’t just a hierarchal figure. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it’ll be to earn people’s trust.


A leader’s position isn’t simply to give orders in order to meet quotas and nothing more. The best leaders are revered because they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and work alongside their team, not above them. Look for ways you can raise moral by offering extra assistance with projects where you can and responding to concerns that you can fix.

The goal of a leader is to be relatable and accessible. Not only will your new team warm up to you much quicker and appreciate you, but positioning yourself this way will allow you to address your blind spots as well by allowing your team to be honest with problem areas. Consider taking the new team offsite to begin to form the relationship with you and the team. A creative offsite venue allows everyone to begin to gel as a team without the office constraints and interruptions. Check out our clients in action here.