We are your first stop for a truly productive, offsite meeting

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We are your first stop for a truly productive, offsite meeting

There is growing research around a phenomenon that our staff witnesses every day: when a typical task, such as a team meeting, is approached from a new perspective, more creative, innovative, productive work ensues. One of the fastest, easiest ways to achieve a new perspective for your team is to move regular meetings to a new, creative space.

Clients have commented on the power of meeting in a new space for many years and we always enjoy hearing about the brilliant thinking that results. But there’s even more value in this idea than simply changing the venue of your next meeting.

Our role at Blue Ocean is to make sure that when you host a meeting in one of our creative spaces, the process is as smooth and simple as possible. We handle all the details, leaving the meeting host more freedom to focus on the ideas and solutions generated by the team during the meeting.

Some of the things we handle for you include:

– Providing essential meeting materials
– Arranging the room according to your needs prior to your arrival
– Working with a caterer for breaks and meals
– Assisting with requests during the meeting

When you book a room with Blue Ocean, your team can benefit from thinking issues through from a whole new perspective; and you can enjoy the ease of doing business when working with our experienced, dedicated staff.

Find out how we get companies on the fast track to better offsite meetings every day. Call our office today to set up a tour or schedule a meeting.