Watch Your Team Unlock New Energy When You Take Your Meeting Offsite

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Watch Your Team Unlock New Energy When You Take Your Meeting Offsite

In a lot of ways, managing a team is similar to a regular workout routine. Achieving your fitness goals takes dedication and endurance, knowing what you want to achieve, and having a good idea of how to get there. And it’s important to leave a little room for fun.

You can get a lot accomplished when you stick to what works, but there’s also value in switching things up too—whether you’re changing your workout routine or moving your team meeting to a new, offsite location.

Blue Ocean is the element of fun your team needs.

Trying something new at the gym can result in a sudden burst of energy and a renewed dedication to your goals. Offer your team the same opportunity to discover renewed energy by holding your next meeting in one of our unique, creative rooms.

All of the rooms in our facility are designed for creative problem solving and productivity. Let us show you how to take your team meetings to the next level when you step outside the norm and try something new.

In addition, if you’re a member of a Cincinnati area YMCA or YWCA, provide us with a valid membership card when booking and receive 15% off your first room rental.

Call our office today to set up a tour or schedule a meeting and discover how we can help your company achieve peak performance this year.