Team Building

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Team Building

One of our favorite parts of operating a creative meeting space is the development of the team. Some of our clients open their day with icebreakers, while others mix them into other activities, and a few even make that the focus of the day! We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to team building exercises, so we’re bringing you our top picks:

Escape Room – Instead of paying the hefty price to take the team to a 60-minute event, you can create your own at Blue Ocean Facilities. Make clues with ideas from Pinterest and watch your team try to solve the riddles before time runs out.

Two Truths and a Lie – This game requires no planning and little creativity. Each person tells the room three things about themselves, two true things and one lie, without saying which is which. The room gets to learn more about each person while trying to identify the lie.

Tallest Tower – Split into teams of two of more and give each group a stack of paper and tape. The teams have three minutes to create the tallest structure using only the supplies provided.

DIY – If you really don’t have time to prepare, split your groups into teams and charge them with creating the most fun team activity involving only the things found in Blue Ocean Facilities. Carry out the idea of the winner!

Did we leave out your favorite team building exercise? Let us know when you call to book and we’ll add it to our list.