Successful Meetings

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Successful Meetings

We are excited to launch a series about our favorite subject: successful business meetings. Unsuccessful meetings are costly and frustrating for all involved. If your staff suffers from meetings that are overly frequent, poorly planned or lacking in follow through, stay tuned! Over the next few months, we’re diving into a few of the most common meetings held at Blue Ocean Facilities to look at the best business meeting practices.

General Business Meetings

There are countless meetings that are necessary just to keep a company functioning. Executive, Human Resources, Operations and other departments must set aside time to catch up, cast vision, and address concerns. But before you put everyone in a room together, be prepared to answer a few questions:

Who is absolutely critical to the meeting? Before you send the first email to coordinate schedules, carefully consider who should be on the invitation. Start with the department(s) most impacted or involved in the topic at hand and branch out, carefully, from there. Too many chairs around the table can lead to a drawn out unproductive meeting, while too few could result in miscommunication or insufficient information.

What will you need for the meeting? Will transportation or meals need to be arranged? Will presenters need Powerpoint or copies of handouts? Make a check list of anything an attendee might reach for: water bottles, paper, pens, WIFI password, snacks, etc. Pro tip: book with Blue Ocean and we will provide the essentials!

When will your meeting be held? In addition to setting a day and time, consider the frequency of the meetings. Scheduling a monthly or quarterly standing meeting helps attendees to plan ahead and stay informed. However, overly frequent meetings are often viewed as redundant and skipped, so avoid over scheduling.

Where will your meeting be held? The meeting venue should be convenient to the majority of your attendees, keeping in mind that the most fruitful meetings are held off-site, far from the distractions of the daily grind. Avoid basing your selection strictly on price, as a poor venue can hinder productivity. Instead, select a location with a stimulating environment and all of the amenities you might need, such as WIFI, audio/video, and dry erase boards. Blue Ocean Facilities comes to mind!

Why are you meeting? Every meeting should have an identifiable goal or agenda, even if the discussion is quarterly review among department heads or an open forum. Be sure to share the agenda with your attendees in advance to prevent attendees arriving prepared to discuss something different, or unprepared altogether.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully we’ve provided some insight into effective business meetings. The next time you’re planning, make sure to incorporate these steps into your process and book your meeting at Blue Ocean Facilities. We’re confident you’ll benefit from a more industrious and stress-free experience.