Successful Meetings: Training

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Successful Meetings: Training

In case you missed it, over the past couple of months we’ve looked at the best practices for successful general business meetings as well as strategic marketing meetings. Today we are providing an overview of the most productive training sessions. (Due to the nature of this topic, we are mixing up the order a little bit!)

What is the subject that your team will be trained on? This one seems pretty straight forward, but having an outline on the materials to be covered will keep you and your attendees from derailing.

Why is the training necessary? Your team will certainly wonder, even if they are polite enough not to ask. Are you implementing a new policy or have you noticed a lapse in compliance? Are there new laws going into effect or do regulations require ongoing training? Answering these questions now will prepare you to communicate later.

Who? Now that you’ve established the “what” and the “why,” we can finally get to the who. If this is new hire training, then the answer is simple. But many training sessions at Blue Ocean Facilities are for refreshers or the implementation of new policies. Evaluating who is expected to carry out and enforce the subject at hand, as well as who else is impacted, will ensure your meeting invite doesn’t leave anyone in the dark.

When will your meeting be held? As we’ve stated before, timing is about much more than finding a mutually agreed upon day and time. You’ll want to make sure that the training itself is not rushed and allows ample room for questions. Depending upon the situation, you may also find it helpful to hold the meeting several weeks before any changes are implemented to give employees time to prepare and adjust.

Where will your meeting be held? There are specific instances when training should be held on site. If you are teaching a hands-on lesson, it is beneficial to your team that the demonstration take place directly in front of them. However, many instructional sessions have benefited greatly from meeting at Blue Ocean Facilities. It is all too easy to be distracted from the task at hand when you can stop back at your desk on breaks. Not to mention the constant interruptions from co-workers who take advantage of your accessibility.

A refreshing day out of the office at Blue Ocean is not only more productive, it can also reduce the stress of change or taking on new tasks. Our newest room, Nuns & Cans, features lightweight furniture on wheels to accommodate specific set up configurations that may be necessary for your meeting. Guests appreciate the freedom to easily change the layout for roundtable discussions or lunch breaks. Book your next training session at Blue Ocean Facilities, where the only distraction is inspiration.