Successful Meetings: Strategic Marketing

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Successful Meetings: Strategic Marketing

We recently began a series on Successful Meetings. We’re examining meetings that are frequently held at Blue Ocean Facilities and what makes them a hit or a miss. This month, we are focusing on Strategic Marketing meetings.

Who – deciding who to involve is an important first step. It not only gives time to prevent scheduling conflicts, it also allows time for attendees to prepare. For a strategic marketing meeting, you’ll want to include the people responsible for executing your marketing plans – such as social media coordinator and communications director – as well the visionaries within your organization. Who decides what is priority or what message the company wants to convey? You may also want to include one or two out-of-the-box creative thinkers for a fresh perspective.

What – will you need for your meeting? Hold off on your meeting until you can bring an approved budget. It’s also recommend that you have on hand the existing marketing strategy, budget, and any measurable results (if available), as well as any preliminary goals or ideas you have for the new strategy.

When – Your strategy meeting should take place at least 3 months before it will be implemented. This will vary depending upon if you plan via the calendar or fiscal year, but it should always occur with plenty of time before your current strategy ends. While you’ll still be tallying results, you’ll have the time necessary to make adjustments to the plan without scrambling to get something into place.

Where – All meetings benefit from a creative, distraction free environment and strategic marketing meetings are no exception. If anything, it’s even more critical to convene in a space that stimulates innovation when planning how to reach your customers in new and better ways.

Why – It’s obvious why you are meeting, but why are you marketing? Who are you trying to reach? Why should they do business with you? Why does your company do what it does? These questions have to answered before a strategy developed.

Blue Ocean Facilities knows the ins-and-outs of Strategic Marketing meetings. Allow us to put our experience to work for you! We are fully stocked with everything from pens to soft drinks and even snacks. The bright, ocean-themed spaces will provide the inspiration you need to chart new territories! Write-on walls mean you can map out even the largest strategy. Give us a call today!