Successful Meetings: Brainstorming

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Successful Meetings: Brainstorming

We are wrapping up our series on Successful Meetings with one of our favorite subjects: brainstorming! Brainstorming sessions can be as unpredictable as they are productive. That’s why Blue Ocean Facilities is prepared in advance to ensure the only unexpected aspect of your meeting is the crazy idea coming from your coworker. Keep reading for our break down of what needs to happen on your end to ensure a productive ideation meeting.

What is the subject that your team is collaborating on? It’s helpful to provide the subject and maybe even a few guidelines to the attendees in advance. This prevents your time from being wasted with discussion that isn’t relevant to the topic at hand.

Why are you meeting? Is there a new product or service? Is something not working? Again, this information will help your team to come up with ideas specific to the problem you are facing.

Who will attend? Of course, you will want to involve those directly involved with implementing the subject matter. We also recommend bringing in a few people to offer a fresh perspective. This could mean inviting someone from another department or age group, but it could also mean inviting someone from another company or industry altogether.

When will your meeting be held? We’ll trust your judgment when it comes to scheduling. Whenever you are able to fit something in, be sure to allow ample time to get the creative juices flowing. If a meeting ends before your group has had a chance to really dig into the task, it may mean having to schedule a follow up. Even worse, attendees may leave feeling as if their opinions didn’t matter after all.

Where will your meeting be held? Unless you need to be in the physical presence or an immovable object to effectively collaborate, most people find their best ideas come outside of their office. It’s hard to develop original, out-of-the-box concepts without stepping out of your patterns of behavior and thought.

Blue Ocean Facilities is a designed for creative meetings. Our rooms are filled with natural light, bright colors, and inspiring features. The staff at Blue Ocean Facilities is eager to make your time as productive and stress-free as possible. We offer all-inclusive pricing, beverages, snacks, and frequent replenishment so your creative flow is never interrupted. Contact us today for more information!