Onsite v. Offsite Meetings

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Onsite v. Offsite Meetings

Think of your favorite vacation. Maybe you slept in, lounged on the beach, hiked, or explored a new place. Now think of a time you planned a relaxing stay-cation…and then spent the whole week cleaning. The same applies for meetings. Your budget conscious intentions are noble, but the result is often an onsite meeting that falls short of your goals.

Before you dust off your conference table and overhead projector, here are some things to consider:

  • Onsite meetings require someone to plan for meals, snacks, beverages, writing utensils, flip charts, etc.
  • Offsite meeting locations often provide everything you need for a successful meeting
  • Onsite meetings are more susceptible to interruptions by coworkers
  • Offsite meetings allow employees to deal with emergencies as needed, but remove them from the distractions of the office
  • Onsite meetings are familiar and employees might find their minds wandering
  • Offsite meetings fuel employees by providing a space that is set aside for brainstorming and collaborating
  • Onsite meetings easily feel like another day at the office
  • Offsite meetings give employees a break and spark creativity and fresh thinking

Blue Ocean Facilities provides all of the benefits of a seamless and well-organized meeting with just one call. If you are looking for a venue that will inspire your employees and facilitate productivity, contact us today.