Communicate Smarter

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Communicate Smarter

Modern communication is instant and convenient – but if we’re not thoughtful about how we communicate, it can still be ineffective. Mindful communication practices are a must to stand out among the constant barrage of information, so here are three tips to help you improve your standards of communication:

1 – Listen to Your Team

Many leaders get in the habit of simply relaying information or giving instruction without receiving feedback from their team, which is not only frustrating to team members who have good ideas but only serves to hurt your organization in the long run. Take time to hear out team members and you may be surprised with the results.

2 – Use Visuals

We aren’t simply talking about text on PowerPoint presentations here (many people have started to inadvertently tune out whenever they see one). Humans are visual creatures so during presentations, it’s recommended that you utilize relevant, professional graphics to help reinforce what you’re talking about. Be careful to not overwhelm a single slide with too many graphics, though. We suggest a “Rule of 3” – no more than three lines of text or graphics per slide.

Visuals don’t always have to pertain to presentations, either. Get creative with your workspace and create simple visual reminders around the office that are unobtrusive an fun while still communicating your message.

3 – Change the environment

Sometimes it takes a change of environment to draw the attention of your team. You might assume that there could be a distracting “sensory overload” if you were to meet in a different or renovated space, but the opposite can happen if you’re in the same meeting space all the time. Something as simple as rearranging the meeting space in your office could help, or you could go even further and schedule meetings at an off-site meeting space. These spaces are great for getting those creative juices flowing for problem solving or those quarterly/annual meetings where you want to treat your members.

If you’re interested in an off-site meeting space with great amenities, free parking, and a great location, contact Blue Ocean Facilities today to plan your next meeting!