Why an Outside Assistant Can Make Meetings so Much Easier

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Why an Outside Assistant Can Make Meetings so Much Easier

Summer is finally here! The sun is shining, the farmer’s market is bustling, and the concerts are all happening outside now—the living is easy! Except that there’s still plenty of work to be done, probably more than ever, actually, since everyone in the office will be scheduling vacations between now and September.

How can you maintain your own easy, relaxed feeling of a summer afternoon while keeping everyone on track and motivated for important meetings? Simple. Hold your meetings offsite and engage an outside assistant.

There are a lot of reasons we work hard to make planning and running your meetings as simple and straightforward as possible: we take pride in doing good work, we believe in helping teams discover new levels of creativity, and we appreciate the need to keep meetings as productive as possible. We know what it’s like to manage a busy team or a hectic office, and regardless of the season, when you have a good assistant on your side, you can feel more relaxed about an upcoming meeting, which will make everything run more smoothly.

When you hold a meeting at Blue Ocean, you get so much more than a creative space that will encourage innovative thinking during your meeting. One of our key distinguishing factors is our dedicated team of onsite assistants. We make every part of the process easy, from setting a date and choosing a room to ensuring that everyone has everything they need during your meeting. When you let us handle the details, you can manage the big picture without worrying that something will fall through the cracks.

Some of the benefits of holding a meeting at Blue Ocean include:

– Scheduling and booking a meeting with us is a one-step process. With just a single phone call we can schedule your meeting in the room of your choice.

– We provide the food! Our experienced staff can help you decide on a catering menu that suits your group and your budget.

– Meeting Room Coordinators keep an eye on participants’ needs. On the day of your meeting, a Blue Ocean Meeting Room Coordinator will ensure that everyone has exactly what they need to stay creative, focused, and productive.

Summer in the office may not be all about hammocks and cold drinks, but we can help you find an inner calm that feels like a day at the beach. Refocus your team with an offsite meeting and take a breath yourself by letting us handle the details of your next offsite meeting.