Take a Break

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Take a Break

Blue Ocean Facilities is like a playground for your staff. There’s bright colors, natural light, sights to see, and activities to try. Needless to say, it’s hard to be bored at Blue Ocean. Even so, if you don’t plan well, attention may drift as the day wears on. We’re doing all we can to create an engaging atmosphere, but there are a few things you can do as well:

Move it & Ask. Challenge everyone to take a few laps around the room, or even the building, weather permitting. Make a game out of demonstrating and practicing “deskercises.” Or stand up and stretch out. Better yet, ask us about the stories that each room call tell you. How much does the Blue Marlin weigh? Who caught it? What about that whale oil lamp in Shipyard? There are fun things to discover in each unique room.

Chew it. Sometime between lunch and the closing of your meeting, take a snack break. Nuts are notorious for boosting energy levels. Our room coordinators serve salty & sweet snacks throughout the day for you. Have a favorite they are serving? Tell them and they’ll be sure to include it in the second day of your meeting.

Drink it. A small cup of coffee or tea might be just the pick-me-up necessary to hang in for the duration of the meeting. Everyone knows to stay hydrated but we all admit to needing the reminder.

Of course, it goes without saying that even if you do everything else right, the wrong meeting venue can detract from your meeting. Book at Blue Ocean Facilities and maximize your meeting’s potential. Because where you meet matters.