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NUNS & CANS Meeting Room

Cincinnati Meeting Space Our newest room, Nuns & Cans offers it all. A truly flexible meeting space which can be reconfigured in a minute. Lightweight, state of the art furniture all on wheels. Feel free to rearrange your room layout as your day unfolds.

Enjoy the light filled space as you collaborate in this unique meeting environment. Break out into smaller groups, form one large group, set up theatre style, form a U, do whatever you like! You decide in this special space.

Host your meeting in this room to learn the story behind its name, see our mural by a local artist and more!

Consumer research groups, training, and planning sessions are just a few types of groups which enjoy this meeting space.

See sample room layouts HERE.

The meeting room is 24’ x 40' and accommodates 30-32 people at tables. Two large idea walls (dry erase) allow you to transform the wall into your own collaboration tool.

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  “Blue Ocean Facilities' inclusive packages, combined with their expert support team, reduce meeting prep time, enhance the experience for all participants, and create a cost-effective venue for more effective off-site meetings.” 
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  10250 Alliance Road, Suite 226
Cincinnati, Ohio  45242
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