Is Spring Fever Ruining Your Meetings? Try a Change of Scenery

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Is Spring Fever Ruining Your Meetings? Try a Change of Scenery

Spring is definitely in the air, and although we don’t often readily admit it, sometimes the promise of warmer weather and a sky that’s brighter blue can cause even the most dedicated minds to wander.

Despite the cherry blossoms and birdsong, there’s still work to be done and deadlines to meet so it’s important to keep your team focused and on track—particularly during crucial meetings and planning sessions.

Even as very young children, humans naturally respond to new stimuli with increased attention and renewed focus. Studies done with babies as young as six months old show that after about seven repeats of a pattern, the human mind begins to drift. But introduce something new and suddenly we’re interested again!

Rather than attempting to change your delivery with silly tricks (like speaking with an accent or sitting on the table instead of a chair) or messing with a meeting style that works for your team, why not simply change the place that you meet?

Novel scenery can quickly lead to new ideas and innovation.

At Blue Ocean you have the choice of four creative spaces designed to entice your team’s brilliant minds back to the task at hand. All of our rooms are set up to break down barriers so you can conduct your meeting in whatever style best suits your group.

The Moby Dick room has an ocean theme and, appropriately, is flooded with natural light. It’s our largest meeting space and can accommodate up to 70 participants.

Maritime artifacts give the Shipyard room a fun and lively atmosphere. It’s the perfect size for small groups of up to 30 people.

The Nuns & Cans room can also accommodate a group of 35 and offers a lot of flexibility with lightweight furniture on wheels—ready to be rearranged!

For smaller groups that still want to benefit from a creative space and new surroundings, we have the Cover Conference room.

In addition to jumpstarting your team’s creativity with a meeting in a unique, collaborative workspace, you’ll also enjoy fantastic service when you book with Blue Ocean.

Find out how we can help your team discover new ideas, imagine creative solutions, and collaborate in innovative ways when they come together at Blue Ocean. Call our office today to set up a tour or schedule a meeting: 513-842-6323.