How to choose a venue?

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How to choose a venue?

So you’ve decided to host your meeting off-site! Great choice. Now, which venue should you choose? Before you choose a Cincinnati venue at random, there are several features you should look for:

The biggest perk of an offsite meeting is a new environment. So avoid going from one plain boardroom to another. Hotels are cheap and easy, but you’re wasting your money if you are hoping for a venue that will spark creativity.

If you are cost conscious, look for a venue that includes all of the perks. Blue Ocean Facilities includes free parking, WiFi, audio/video equipment, snacks, and beverages.

Fun is great, but functional is better. It might seem really cool to host a meeting in a bowling alley, but unless you’re discussing turkeys and strikes, there will probably be more distraction and less collaboration. Blue Ocean Facilities offers brightly colored, practical meeting spaces with built in tools to facilitate an effective meeting.

Location, location, location. Organizers often plan offsite meetings to be close to the office, but this may be impractical if most of the employees commute. Instead of limiting yourself to the downtown area, look in areas central to your staff.

Customer service. Some venues are extremely helpful when it comes to booking your space, but then they disappear once you arrive. At Blue Ocean Facilities, a room coordinator will be on hand to help you set up that last minute power point and put handouts on each table. When lunch is delivered, your room coordinator will work with the caterers so you can continue meeting. You’ll never feel left out to sea.

We’ve been hosting creative meetings for ten years, so we have everything you need to make your gathering a success. Don’t worry about trying to think of all of the details – we’ve already done it for you.