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Blue Ocean Facilities will follow the State of Ohio Department of Health guidelines regarding COVID-19 required and recommended procedures for a safe environment for employees, staff and meeting attendees.
Below are Blue Ocean Facilities’ COVID-19 steps to make our facility safe:


  • Bring a face covering or purchase one from us. If desired, bring personal hand sanitizer and personal markers, pens and other supplies. We will provide but limit common use.
  • May not enter the facility if: (1) Have a temperature above 100.4⁰F or above; have a cough; have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; have a sore throat; have recent loss of taste or smell; have chills; have headache or muscle aches; or have nausea, diarrhea or vomiting; (2) have in the past 14 days have been near anyone who was experiencing any of the above symptoms; and (3) have tested or have had anyone close tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Meeting attendees must wear a face covering when entering the building, building common areas and Blue Ocean common areas.
  • Meeting attendees may remove face coverings when in their assigned meeting; however we recommend masks be worn as it is difficult to maintain 6-foot social distancing requirements.
  • Follow facility distancing and other guidelines. This is to protect others, not just yourself.


  • Attendees meet COVID-19 screening guidelines noted above.
  • Facial coverings are to be worn in all common areas: building halls, lobby, restrooms and when not able to maintain 6-foot social distancing.
  • Physical distancing must always be maintained in the Blue Ocean Lobby and meeting rooms. We will update and require staff and attendees to follow to the Ohio Health Dept guidelines for general office distancing such as group size limits and avoiding close contact, currently recommended to maintain 6 feet without barriers.
  • Staff will wear face coverings and gloves when appropriate throughout the day or as required by Ohio Health Department.
  • The entrance door to the facility will be kept open with a door stop throughout the day.
  • Bottled water, canned soft drinks and packaged snacks will be provided to attendees. Disposable coffee cups, dinnerware and utensils will be used. Please dispose of these in nearest receptacle to limit contact.
  • We have removed common pens, markers and post-it notes (please ask, if you need) and avoid sharing items as much as possible.
  • If meeting attendees want food provided by Blue Ocean, it will be limited to a boxed meal. Attendees may choose to order their own food, but it must be in individually packaged containers with disposable utensils and cups. All food must be eaten in the assigned meeting room.


  • Hand sanitizers will be in each meeting room and in the Lobby.
  • Building housekeeping will provide additional cleaning services throughout the pandemic. Each room will be sanitized after each meeting.
  • Staff will sanitize the common areas and Lobby throughout the day.

Cancellations / Postponements

If you schedule a meeting and need to cancel or postpone it, there will be no penalty during the pandemic.