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The Importance of Offsite Meeting Venues in the Corporate World
Monday, April 2, 2018

Have you ever checked the stats of the corporate meetings in the United States?

There are about 11 million meetings held in the U.S. every single day. People on average attend 62 meetings every month and about 15% of a company’s total time is spent in these meetings.

From the stats mentioned above you might believe that a lot of productive planning and work must be carried out in these meetings. However, about 71% of the managers say that these organizational meetings are nothing but a series of unproductive sessions and that they are inefficient attempts of bringing the employees together.

But this doesn’t mean that the companies should eliminate the concept of having meetings at all. Meetings are after all a necessary evil in organizations. There must be something to be done to enhance the productivity, employee engagement, creativity and team performance. The solution is to host these organizational meetings in rented meeting venues outside the premises of your permanent office space.

Here we take a look why conducting organizational meetings at the especially rented venues boosts the team performance and job satisfaction level to productive heights.


1. New Ideas, Solutions and Perspectives

Doing the same thing at the same place kills the creativity. A change of environment and surroundings sometimes lights the spark of innovation in people. Same is the case with the corporate meetings. A new place helps you see corporate problems and concerns in a different light and really gets your creative juices flowing. Thus, the same team will turn into a productive one by just changing the venue.

2. Improves Focus & Productivity

The normal environment of your office is full of distractions and interruptions. What you don’t know is that these interruptions are costing you and your business time and money. This is why offsite meeting venues offer a more relaxed ambience which is free from the usual noises, busyness and distractions of your office. If you want the attentiveness of your team, gather them in a new place. According to an analysis, 63% of the respondents suggested that offsite business meetings were more productive than the onsite ones.

3. More Employee Engagement

These corporate meetings are not just about discussing the problems a business is facing. They’re also about bringing employees together as a team. That’s why face to face arrangement is so necessary. Also, meetings are important so that everyone can assess your body language and expressions. This shows employee engagement. But if you’re boring your employees in these meetings, then how can they participate in a manner that shows collaboration. That’s why you need a change in the routine.

Maybe the meeting place or the board room is congested and doesn’t provide a comfortable sitting capacity. Sometimes employees have to stand during the meeting. Do you really expect such a meeting to turn in fruitful results?

After realizing the importance of offsite meeting venues, if you want your employees to invest not just their time but also their minds into the corporate meetings then contact Blue Ocean Facilities. Our meeting venues will not only provide the change that your team wants, but they will also help you conduct effective brainstorming sessions and productive organizational meetings.

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