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Can Your Business Really Benefit from Off-Site Meetings?
Friday, March 2, 2018

You are aware of the drill.

Call everyone in the conference room for the meeting to discuss future plans of the company, review the performance of last year, discuss a new product launch or seek suggestions for better marketing strategy. Whatever the reason, meetings are important, but it isn’t always necessary to conduct all meetings at a same place.

Sometimes it is best to break free from exhausting office meetings and consider off-site meetings. You’ll be amazed to see the response of the staff and how creativity will foster in a different environment. Let’s look at some of the benefits of off-site meetings.

1. Breeds Creativity

When your staff gets out of the regular meeting place, it allows them to think outside the box. An off-site meeting is just what’s needed to jumpstart that creative thinking of your employees. Since they aren’t sitting in the same old place, staring at the same walls, they’ll feel more stimulated. A new meeting place can help them brainstorm ideas and come up with more creative strategies.

2. Increased Focus

Off-site meeting takes away the burden of daily distractions that your employees face in an office. This allows them to focus on the problem at hand and fully contribute to the meeting. Since your employees will be able to stay focused on the agenda of the meeting, they’ll make more progress.

3. Team Building

A great benefit of an off-site meeting is that it plays an excellent role in team building. Team building exercises carried out during off-site meetings differ greatly from what managers normally do. These exercises give employees a chance to interact on a completely different level and recognize strengths and weaknesses of each other. For example, if a physical challenge, like getting over a wall is a part of the team building exercise, it will allow your team to capitalize on physical strength and logistical mind of people.

Moby Dick Room

4. Casual Setting Means Casual Attitude

People act differently according to their environment. When meetings are scheduled in off-site locations, it gives employees the chance to relax and communicate in a more casual manner. The opportunity to speak casually opens up the conversation and employees feel more relaxed to present their point of view in the meeting.

5. Work Morale and Productivity

Including play in your work schedule not only allows you to achieve your planned objectives more efficiently, but it also gives a boost to your team. By incorporating interesting things like a mystery event into your planned agenda of off-site meeting, you can show the fun side of your company to your staff which would improve their morale. This would in turn lead to greater desire to be productive and better performance at work.

Now that you know all these benefits of off-site meetings, there’s nothing that should stop you from holding your next business meeting in an off-site location. If you’re looking for an ideal off-site meeting space, consider Blue Ocean Facilities.

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